Are You Depressed? Don't Miss These 4 Reminders!

Are you depressed? In episode 18 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve Austin talks with Sean Swaby about 4 ways depression has changed his life.

tips during depression

Show notes:

  • What's it like to be a family man with depression?

  • What's it like to grow up with depression in the Evangelical church?

  • "Healing does not mean that the memories won’t come back or that you won’t feel the pain anymore."

  • I spent years trying to change myself, organize my time, reinvent myself, become an author, become super-fit, and save others. It was exhausting and nearly ended me.

  • I have given up thinking “I will be happy when…” because the “when” never comes.

  • Read the blog post that inspired this interview by clicking here. 

Sean Swaby is passionate about addiction and mental health recovery, relationships, and personal growth. He is an addiction therapist, an editor for the Good Men Project and freelance writer, and Adjunct Professor at City University, Edmonton. Most important, Sean is a family man and in recovery from depression and anxiety. Connect with Sean at today.

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