As a speaker with more than ten years of experience, Steve engages audiences with his energetic and respectfully raw delivery. Steve focuses on everyday faith, mental wellness, and embracing wonder to encourage, educate, and empower audiences from every walk of life.

My story isn’t over, and yours isn’t either!
— -Steve Austin
Our scars are just grace tattoos! They remind us that we can go through hard times and come out on the other side, stronger than ever.
— Steve Austin, Unity of Birmingham, 2017


Abuse, addiction, and a suicide attempt weren't the end of Steve Austin's story. In fact, a suicide attempt is where his life began. If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who is respectfully raw, funny, educational, and engaging, Steve's messages will resonate with your crowd. His story of recovery and grace in the middle of the mess is a game-changer.

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A family man, worship pastor, best-selling authorself-care coach, and avid blogger, Steve Austin’s goal is letting people know that recovery from addiction, abuse, and trauma is possible.

Steve was a youth pastor for more than a decade and loves to connect with audiences of all ages. His range of topics includes:

  • Self-Care for the Wounded Soul
  • From Pastor to Psych Ward
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Re-imagining Grace: Finding Jesus Amid Political Polarization, Cultural Norms, & Religious Abuse
  • Storytelling Saves Lives
  • You Can’t Rape a PreSchooler (And Other Lies I Believed)
  • Why an Abused Addict is Now Cultivating Innocence
  • Catching Airplanes: Don't Forget to Dream Big!

If you’re looking for a speaker who thinks outside the box, is genuine, passionate, and kind, Steve Austin is your guy!

Steve is available to speak to congregations, civic organizations, school groups, youth groups, companies, retreats, and more.

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